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Just in Time for the Holidays: Brookline’s First Winter Market


Photos and Words by Rochelle Li

As the frigid winter air blows and snow begins to fall, the season of summer markets comes to a conclusion. Since many fruits and vegetables are no longer in prime season and vendors would rather avoid the cold of outdoor markets, a number of summer markets--including Boston University’s farmer’s market and SOWA, a popular market located on Harrison St. in the South End--have ended. But this conclusion is not the end of the farmer’s market season: a number of winter farmer’s markets will soon be popping up. Plus one of them is close to campus. Just a 20-minute walk from West Campus.

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A Lamb, a Bisque, and a Pie


Photos and Words by Cat Lau

Come rain or shine, nothing gets in the way of Bostonians and their food. Ominous clouds circling overhead? Certainly didn’t stop me or the other hundreds of food lovers from going to the third annual Boston Local Food Festival held at the Rose Kennedy Greenway. From numerous tasting booths, food demonstrations, competitions, live music and petition booths, it was an exciting day for any foodie. For those who missed out on this year’s event, fret not; I have compiled a list of highlights from the day. With chocolate tasting stalls here and cheese tasting stalls there, I soon found myself in an eating frenzy; but a quick glance at my packed itinerary reminded me to get to the lamb cutting demonstration.

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