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Health Bytes: The Importance of Three Meals


Photos and Words by Samantha Wood

When someone wants to lose weight, his or her first inclination is usually to skip a meal during the day. In a way, it makes sense. Cutting down the total amount of calories will reduce the amount of calories taken in compared to the amount burned, which is when weight loss happens. However, people don’t often consider the negative consequences of skipping meals during the day, which can actually add more weight than it takes away. When meals are skipped, it results in hunger later in the day, causing one to snack instead of stick to one meal. Because of this, we tend to overeat while snacking. Think of the last time you went a long time without eating. Does the feeling of  incessant hunger conjure up  any memories? That time when you ate anything and everything you could reach in the cupboard? This happens because your brain no longer has the energy to say "no" when you want food. When you skip a meal, you are denying your body the glucose it needs to maintain willpower.

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