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Ode to a Supermarket


Photos by Rochelle Li, Words by Nandini Ahuja

I saw you yesterday when I was bracing myself against the cold Northeastern winds. Trying to avoid your gaze, I walked quickly, but your pull was too strong. You captured my attention.

Shaw’s Star Market.

Content with my stale vending machine fare and bloated City Co. muffins, I didn’t know anything was missing from my life until I walked into your temple. The halogen lights lining your ceiling panels lit a fire in my heart. I felt... awakened. From every direction, possibilities beckoned me to grab them, flip them over, read their nutritional facts, and purchase them. Shaw’s, you tempting bazaar you!

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Sweet and Salty's Love Affair


Photos by Cara DiFabio, Words by Kiersten Utegg

My father always said that there are two ways to live.  You can live to eat or you can eat to live.  Food is an important part of our family traditions so we all tend to lean on the “live to eat” side, as do many others.  I have tasted many different flavors, combinations, and textures and have learned that, if prepared well, anything can be good.  Despite the variety of tastes available to us, there are two flavors that are craved the most among humans: salty and sweet.

There is such a strong attraction between these two flavors that often drive our love of food.  I have these cravings as much as the next person, and over the years I have finalized two intriguing observations of this phenomenon:

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