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Eating Healthy on the Road: Ironic or Attainable?

Fred Chang

Photos by Caleb Ho, Words by Michaela Mazure

Eating healthy can be a challenge for anyone, but it is especially difficult when it comes to traveling. Gas station mini marts are stocked with sugary snacks, restaurant chefs have a heavy hand when it comes to salt, and coffee shop pastries are oh so tempting at those caffeine pit stops. So is eating healthy even fathomable when it comes to the road? My family trip to Rutgers University in New Jersey turns this oxymoron into a thing of the past with some simple snacking solutions.

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You'll Go Bananas for Snow Monkey's Subzero Superfood


Words by Grady Erickson, Photos courtesy of Snow Monkey via their website and Kickstarter page

The startup industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of business today. An increasing number of these startups are involving food. According to The Entrepreneur  $2.36 billion was invested in the food startup industry in 2014.

One of these up-in-coming companies is Snow Monkey. Snow Monkey’s creation is a “subzero superfood” that is made for those who like to live a healthy lifestyle, but still want to indulge from time to time. The two Co-founders, Mariana Ferreira and Rachel Geicke, are BU graduates who first came up with the idea in their apartments right here in Boston. Snow Monkey is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to help launch the business.

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Not Just a Salad: Eating Healthy While Eating Out


Photos by Haritha Pavuluri, Words by Kelsey Lloyd

We’ve all been there.  You know you’re going out to eat, but you’ve also been keeping your eating habits in check.  So you start to mentally prepare, telling yourself over and over that a salad is the best way to go.  You’re sure of your choice; you might even develop a sense of pride.  You’ve got this in the bag; you are a walking model of health. Then when the time comes and the menu is sitting in front of you, that salad might just be the last thing you want.  But don’t worry!  These tips will get you through the dilemma—and you’ll leave the table without any unnecessary calories or regrets.

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What a Water-ful World


Photos by Stephanie Lai, Words by Kiersten Utegg

Did you feel that?  I’m sure you did because it is an unmistakable, in your face, terrorizing addition to our daily lives that we all know will be here for the next 5-6 months.  Hello, cold.  

As the fall chill seeps into our bones and slowly morphs into winter’s blustery hell, begin to think of all the warm things you can use to counteract the inevitable cold.  Crackling fires, fuzzy socks, hats, scarves, sweaters, and hot beverages—they are all ready for some action.  As the temperature drops, I crave a hot cup of coffee in a nice mug, preferably one that I can cuddle up with on the couch while watching Gilmore Girls.  A warm cup of anything, really, seems to thaw the soul and ease the fingertips.  

In fact, a study in 2008 from Science proved that people with warm hands (warmed by hot mugs, for example) tend to be more generous toward others.   This is most likely due to the fact that we are programmed from birth to associate warmth with trustworthiness.  

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