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Not Just a Salad: Eating Healthy While Eating Out


Photos by Haritha Pavuluri, Words by Kelsey Lloyd

We’ve all been there.  You know you’re going out to eat, but you’ve also been keeping your eating habits in check.  So you start to mentally prepare, telling yourself over and over that a salad is the best way to go.  You’re sure of your choice; you might even develop a sense of pride.  You’ve got this in the bag; you are a walking model of health. Then when the time comes and the menu is sitting in front of you, that salad might just be the last thing you want.  But don’t worry!  These tips will get you through the dilemma—and you’ll leave the table without any unnecessary calories or regrets.

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Navigating Your Way Through The College Kid's Daily Diet


Photos and Words by Kristina Lauria

The life of a typical student rarely revolves around what’s healthy: staying up into the early morning hours, waking up just in time to make it to your 8:00am class, pulling all-night cram sessions for that exam tomorrow, and partying Thursday evening through Sunday morning aren’t usually the recommended activities for a sound mind and body. Along with this lifestyle comes a laissez faire attitude towards food—an “I’ll take what I can get for the cheapest I can find it” outlook. Unfortunately, this stance is not terribly conducive to a nutritious diet, and consequently the average college student isn’t getting the nutrients he or she needs most.

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