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C'est Bon! Quebec City on a Budget


Photos by Ellie Jordan, Words by Marisa Kent

I decided to start this article off with a little background information on Quebec City, QC, one of the most egregiously overlooked cities in the entire world.  

One of the earliest settlements in North America, Quebec City was founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, father of New France (an area that stretches from the northernmost part of Quebec to Louisiana.) The most famous part of the city, aptly nicknamed “Old Quebec," is composed of two-hundred-year-old stone buildings and European-style churches, and is surrounded by“the only fortified city walls north of Mexico" (Canadian Broadcasting Company). The walls were initially built by the French but eventually expanded upon by the British after the city was taken in the 1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham, and even America got in on the action (of course) when the city became the site of one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War. All is peaceful now (unless you count the ongoing culture war between traditionalists who want to keep the city French and those who advocate for English and French bilingualism), but the ramparts remain and give the city a magical, old-world feel that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in North America.

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