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The Art of Butter

Bri Garrett

Words and Photos by Marissa Wu

I typed "French butter" into the search engines of two of my favorite, reputable food websites. I researched "types of French butter" in Google and There wasn’t much to find, and my mind raced anxiously as I stood in the tram, left arm weighed down by two jars of compote de pommes, one kilo of sucre en poudre, one liter of glace  de la vanille, an expensive flask of maple syrup from Cananda, and of course, the source of my anxiety: two packets of beurre doux à teneur réduite en M.G. (60%). Thoughts were running through my mind a mile a minute. What did I just buy? Was it going to mess with my first attempt at tarte aux pommes fines? It was a lot of butter -- 500 grams -- what if it was the wrong stuff? I don’t want to have to stumble around in France telling the lady at the caisse that I don’t want this butter.

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You'll Go Bananas for Snow Monkey's Subzero Superfood


Words by Grady Erickson, Photos courtesy of Snow Monkey via their website and Kickstarter page

The startup industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of business today. An increasing number of these startups are involving food. According to The Entrepreneur  $2.36 billion was invested in the food startup industry in 2014.

One of these up-in-coming companies is Snow Monkey. Snow Monkey’s creation is a “subzero superfood” that is made for those who like to live a healthy lifestyle, but still want to indulge from time to time. The two Co-founders, Mariana Ferreira and Rachel Geicke, are BU graduates who first came up with the idea in their apartments right here in Boston. Snow Monkey is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to help launch the business.

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A Trick To End of Your Chocolate Fix?


Words by Izzy Kerian

Over the past month, I’ve been plagued with the most unbelievable chocolate cravings. Everyone has been there—a few hours after lunch, waiting for dinner, after dinner—anytime is fair game for a craving to strike. Chocolate cravings are definitely not out of the ordinary for me, but I began to wonder if there was a way to curb my desire.

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12 Cookies of Christmas +1


Photos and Words by Cat Lau

Deciding what type of cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve? I’m sure Santa wouldn’t mind any of these store bought cookies-- in fact they will guarantee you a spot on Santa’s nice list this year.What makes a Christmas cookie? Anything dunked in chocolate, sprinkled with nuts and filled with dried fruits or spices counts.

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One Cyclist Cops Would Love to Flag Down...


Photos and Words by Clinton Nguyen

There is a bit of a problem with Late Night at Marciano Commons, and that problem is, it's not open nearly late enough to be truly considered "late night." What's open for those in South, or Bay State Road, or the people living near Central who aren't close to a real late night pick-me-up? Keep your eyes open for the orange flash, the tangerine-jumpsuited fellow whizzing down the streets at night during the obscenely wee hours.

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