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Toasty Boys Bagel Delivery Service Ups the Midnight Snacking Game

Rachel Rex

Words by Emma Kopelowicz, Photos by Natalie Thibodeau

It’s a Thursday night and everyone in West Campus is either studying or procrastinating as they watch the clock tick towards the weekend. What could possibly make the time go by faster? Enter: Toasty Boys. The weekly student-run bagel delivery service sends out delivery boys to scooter around West Campus into the wee hours, delivering toasted bagels topped with anything from cream cheese to Nutella. Once the clock strikes 8:30, students can pre-order their desired bagel flavor and topping combination through a link on their Instagram page, @toastyboysbagels. In due time, the perfect midnight snack is delivered right to your door some time between the hours of 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. (a.k.a. peak time for cramming for a test).

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Healthy Cereal Craze

Marilynne Cheng

Words by Liana Giangiulio

The struggle to find healthy, affordable cereals is real. Traditional sugary choices—Cap’n Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs—are among the cheapest variety. Because of their high content in sugar, their nutritional values are rather closest to a dessert and far from being a substantial breakfast. However, while most people would prefer to add that extra health kick in the mornings, no one wants to break the bank or sacrifice flavor to do so. It is true—most healthy cereals are more expensive than the usual Fruit Loops. However, I am here to prove otherwise. There are some cheaper options that are equally delicious and will keep your pockets happy.

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Ah Honey Honey

Jordan Rozenfeld

                                                              Words by: Jordan Rozenfeld

Although I usually write brunch reviews with the Trio, I ventured out on my own this past weekend. My mission: find Follow the Honey. As part of my Sustainable Energy Minor, I had the opportunity to take a Sustainable Development class in the College of Arts and Sciences. This semester I completed an independent project on the impact of bees on agriculture, which included researching topics such as the honey industry, as well as, sustainable food sourcing. This lead me to find Follow the Honey. This small business is located in Cambridge, MA extremely close to Harvard Square. Outside the store stands a beautifully written sign, describing the treasures that await inside; especially intriguing was the promise of local honey on tap. 

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Reunited and it Tastes So Good: The Trio's Chicago Food Guide

Fred Chang

Words and Photos by The Trio: Amanda BaroneMarisa Catapano, and Jordan Rozenfeld

After abandoning Amanda in Boston this past spring to study abroad in London (not that she’s bitter about it), Marisa and Jordan knew that the reunification of The Trio had to be absolutely epic. Uncultured swines that they are, Marisa and Amanda had never been outside the northeast. Coupled with the fact that Jordan had visited them in their humble abodes on Long Island the previous summer, it was about time that The Trio journeyed westward to Jordan’s neck of the woods. Learning from the master planner (Amanda), Jordan created the ultimate itinerary (in PowerPoint form, of course) appropriately titled “The Trio takes the Midwest.” Like all of The Trio’s adventures, this one was all about food.

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Life on the Line

Fred Chang

Words and Photos by: Amanda DeJesus

I believe everyone should at some point work in a restaurant. Going out to eat is something nearly everyone experiences, but it can be appreciated much more if you understand how a restaurant works. I study food and beverage management at BU’s School of Hospitality and in the summer of 2016 I was fortunate enough to intern for Glacier Park, Inc., one of the two major concessionaires in Montana’s Glacier National Park. I worked at their West Glacier Cafe and did rotations as barista, ice cream scooper, hostess, busser, waitress, and prep/line cook. These valuable experiences taught me vast amounts about how a restaurant operates, as well as how to improve the quality of my work in every position. Equally important, I developed a better understanding of the impact of customer behavior on restaurant employees.

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Not Just a Salad: Eating Healthy While Eating Out


Photos by Haritha Pavuluri, Words by Kelsey Lloyd

We’ve all been there.  You know you’re going out to eat, but you’ve also been keeping your eating habits in check.  So you start to mentally prepare, telling yourself over and over that a salad is the best way to go.  You’re sure of your choice; you might even develop a sense of pride.  You’ve got this in the bag; you are a walking model of health. Then when the time comes and the menu is sitting in front of you, that salad might just be the last thing you want.  But don’t worry!  These tips will get you through the dilemma—and you’ll leave the table without any unnecessary calories or regrets.

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Flipping for Flapjacks


Words by: Amanda Barone and Jordan Rozenfeld, Photos by: Rochelle Li

As anyone who has ever failed at flipping over a hot griddle early on a weekend morning can tell you, pancake making is an art form. To make and serve perfect pancakes requires many components, each of which must be executed masterfully. The pancakes must be fluffy and golden brown, served piping hot, and of course, drizzled to perfection with maple syrup. The third component of this dish, maple syrup, is usually taken as a given, and it truly was not until this weekend that two members of The Trio learned just how much work goes into something that is taken for granted every time we reach for the bottle (of maple syrup, that is).

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Hungry? Check Out the New BU Food App


Photos and Words by Sarah Nelson

Sometimes, I find myself conflicted when deciding which dining hall to eat in. I wonder which dining hall has my favorite options, or if I should even use a meal swipe on that day’s selections.  My decisions have recently gotten much easier with the BU Food App.  Designed for the indecisive, famished beast inside all of us, BU Food has features to help with all of the decisions and occasional guilt that come with all-you-can-eat dining halls.

To start things off with its simplest feature, BU Food comes with an easy-to-use-display and gives users each dining hall’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus one week at a time.  Users start by choosing the dining hall, the day of the week, and finally the meal they are interested in viewing.  The app then breaks each of the selections into the various stations offered, such as Homezone, Brickoven, Soup, Grill, and Mongolian, among others depending on the dining hall.  There are occasional disagreements between the app and what you find in the dining hall, but this has yet to majorly affect my dining experience.

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A Chip Off the Shoulder


Photos by Madison Herel and Words by Kiersten Utegg

It was finally January—the first month of the year, the first month of a new semester, and the first month for new beginnings.  Many people around the world kick off the month of January with good intentions, the most popular being the effort to stay healthy.  I made that New Years resolution myself this year.  After coming home from college for winter break, eating my mother’s delicious meals that ranged from sizzling salmon to lean meats accompanied by lush, colorful vegetables, I realized just how terrible my college diet had become.  I exercised almost every day and hardly ate any processed foods at home and by the end of my three-week stint, I felt more energized and lively than I had in weeks. 

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Health Bytes: Conquering the Dining Hall


Photos and Words by Samantha Wood

I have a love-hate relationship with the dining hall. While I love the food served, I hate that it is not always good for my body. Living off-campus has eliminated some of these problems, but I can still remember navigating the dining hall and the skills I developed during my freshman and sophomore years. I do not claim to know everything about the dining hall, but I have tried my best to remain healthy on a dining hall diet and found tricks that worked for me.

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A Trek to West Campus - A Taste of Asian Cuisine


Photos and Words by Kelsey Salamone

I must admit, that when I journeyed to StuVi 2 to check out the Sargent Choice Test Kitchen, I was a bit nervous. My fears were mostly caused by the fact that I hadn’t cooked in the two months since I arrived at Boston University--my biggest culinary achievement being a lopsided peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In other words, I was a tad rusty in the kitchen. Yet when I stepped into the apartment of Karen Jacobs, the driving force behind the Test Kitchen and a professor of Occupational Therapy at Sargent College, I immediately felt at ease. Jacobs offered everyone present the chance to make a cup of tea – I chose a cinnamon apple flavor and happily sipped it for the rest of the evening – and greeted her guests with a pleasant blend of friendliness and enthusiasm.

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