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12 Cookies of Christmas +1


Photos and Words by Cat Lau

Deciding what type of cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve? I’m sure Santa wouldn’t mind any of these store bought cookies-- in fact they will guarantee you a spot on Santa’s nice list this year.What makes a Christmas cookie? Anything dunked in chocolate, sprinkled with nuts and filled with dried fruits or spices counts.

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Health Bytes: The Healthy Gift Guide


Photos and Words by Samantha Wood

The stretch from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve tends to be the hardest time on the waist for many people. Who can blame us? Food is available in huge quantities from the first bite of turkey to the last New Year's Eve party and when someone offers free food, the human inclination is to take it. I blame it on our cavemen ancestors who didn’t know when they would be eating their next meal. The solution to this problem seems obvious—stop eating so much during the holidays. But this is easier said than done, at least in my mind. Eating good food has become a holiday tradition. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the delicious Christmas cookies and holiday bark.

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