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Hungry? Check Out the New BU Food App


Photos and Words by Sarah Nelson

Sometimes, I find myself conflicted when deciding which dining hall to eat in. I wonder which dining hall has my favorite options, or if I should even use a meal swipe on that day’s selections.  My decisions have recently gotten much easier with the BU Food App.  Designed for the indecisive, famished beast inside all of us, BU Food has features to help with all of the decisions and occasional guilt that come with all-you-can-eat dining halls.

To start things off with its simplest feature, BU Food comes with an easy-to-use-display and gives users each dining hall’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus one week at a time.  Users start by choosing the dining hall, the day of the week, and finally the meal they are interested in viewing.  The app then breaks each of the selections into the various stations offered, such as Homezone, Brickoven, Soup, Grill, and Mongolian, among others depending on the dining hall.  There are occasional disagreements between the app and what you find in the dining hall, but this has yet to majorly affect my dining experience.

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Health Bytes: Conquering the Dining Hall


Photos and Words by Samantha Wood

I have a love-hate relationship with the dining hall. While I love the food served, I hate that it is not always good for my body. Living off-campus has eliminated some of these problems, but I can still remember navigating the dining hall and the skills I developed during my freshman and sophomore years. I do not claim to know everything about the dining hall, but I have tried my best to remain healthy on a dining hall diet and found tricks that worked for me.

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A Visit from Blue Inc.


Photos and Words by Kelsey Salamone

While the food in our university dining halls is far from horrific, I think most of us can admit that there are some days when the options for dinner seem infuriatingly familiar – a fact that was all too apparent on last Thursday, October 11, when the masses lined up in Warren Towers Dining Hall to try the unique dishes provided for this semester’s Visiting Chef Series.

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