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Sweet Spots in NYC


Sweet Spots in NYC

Tiffany Yang-Tran

Photos and Words by Tiffany Yang-Tran

I went to New York City with a sweet tooth and a Big Apple-tite. My goal? The dream of every kid at heart: to eat as much dessert as possible. Follow me on my journey through some of the sweetest spots in NYC.


We headed across the street to Spot Dessert Bar to try The Harvest, which consists of layers of berries, soft cheesecake, merengue kisses, raspberry sorbet, and black rose milk tea. Spot Dessert Bar takes traditional confections and adds a little bit of Asian Flare using ingredients like green tea, kobacha, and yuzu. They truly do very creative things with their desserts. The Harvest was wonderful with the way fruit was incorporated with the cheesecake and the way the oreo crumbles looked like the dirt in a potted plant. It made for a very balanced dessert in terms of sweetness and texture.


We then stopped for a second dessert at Besfren. They are known for their aesthetic matcha and taro soft serve. They serve it in three ways, on a cone, in a cup, or in puff pastry. We chose to have it in puff pastry and it was aesthetic indeed. Topped with a flower, this was certainly picture-worthy as well as tummy- worthy. This matcha and taro was one of the best soft serves I have had in this flavor. It was creamy, had no artificial taste, and was not too sweet. For people who want to try this soft serve, I would recommend getting it in a cup or cone. Forget the puff pastry because it was dry, hard, and had no taste. You’ll enjoy the soft serve more without it. On our way out, a big chocolate chip cookie caught our eye and so of course we had to try it. It was such a great cookie because it was soft and chewy but best of all because the chocolate chunks were huge. It was truly a quality cookie.


Speaking of quality cookies, definitely head over to Levain Bakery. They put a whole new dimension to cookies because they are shaped like huge mounds but somehow baked to perfection. They were soft and chewy with really nice texture. We tried the oatmeal raisin and the double chocolate and both were fantastic.


Even after this gigantic meal, we just had to stop by Taiyaki NYC to try their unicorn ice cream. This cute little confection had vanilla and strawberry soft serve on top of a Chinese-style fish waffle cone with red bean inside. They then add some unicorn horns and ears to top it off. It is a very creative and cute design and is widely instagrammed.


This was about all the dessert I could handle in one weekend but you bet I'll be back for more!