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Microgreens: Part I


Microgreens: Part I

Amanda Barone

Photos by Adrienne Sheh and Words by Jeffrey Leong

You know those small sprigs of green super fancy restaurants place on plates for “garnish?" Those are microgreens.


Over the summer I had decided I wanted to grow these plants that I seemingly could only get a bite of after paying close to $60 dollars per plate. Many friends were confused as to why I felt like growing plants in my dorm- voicing concerns like “do you even have enough space?” or “what if it smells?” and a lot of “are you growing weed?”

No, I am not growing weed.

I decided to grow microgreens out of pure curiosity. After deciding on my crop and crowdfunding, I started buying my setup. Spending about $50, I was able to buy five types of seeds, Kohlrabi, Arugula, Corn, Radish, Amaranth. This selection was based on flavor and color  I haven’t actually gotten the chance to grow all of these yet, so there is more to come later. I spent about $100 on a setup too, including lights, growing trays and a water kit for optimal growing pH and nutrition for my plants.


My first crop was of arugula and radish, cheap and flavorful seeds.

After about a week of sitting around and misting my seeds, plants sprouted!

I was extremely excited to try these instantly, and lo and behold, plants so strong that one sprout could fill your mouth with flavor. You have the spice and the nuttiness of arugula and the sweetness of a white radish followed by an intense burn. Each plant tasted exactly like their larger counterparts and were tender and almost buttery if you could say that.

Microgreens are delicious and very space efficient for even dorm room growing. They’re said to be packed with nutrients, more nutrient dense than their larger counterparts, without compromising flavor. These plants definitely delivered.

Once this weekend hits, production will be increased and the corn, kohlrabi and amaranth will be started.

More updates will be posted in the future so stay tuned! Part 2 will talk about my entire setup.