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Just in Time for the Holidays: Brookline’s First Winter Market


Just in Time for the Holidays: Brookline’s First Winter Market


Photos and Words by Rochelle Li

As the frigid winter air blows and snow begins to fall, the season of summer markets comes to a conclusion. Since many fruits and vegetables are no longer in prime season and vendors would rather avoid the cold of outdoor markets, a number of summer markets--including Boston University’s farmer’s market and SOWA, a popular market located on Harrison St. in the South End--have ended. But this conclusion is not the end of the farmer’s market season: a number of winter farmer’s markets will soon be popping up. Plus one of them is close to campus. Just a 20-minute walk from West Campus.

The Brookline Winter Farmer’s Market, an indoor market in its first year of business, is located inside the Coolidge Corner Arcade on 318 Harvard Ave. Although opening day was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy, the first official day was November 11. The market is open every Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. The market features a small and narrow alleyway with a good ten or so vendors lined up parallel to one another. When walking down the alleyway, you’ll find good variety of vendors selling all types of goods and produce.Here are just some of the vendors that you will find when you visit the farmer’s market.

Silverbrook Farm

This farm, based in Darthmouth, MA., partners with other farms to provide sustainably grown produce to farmer's markets around Grater Boston. The only sell seasonal fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of their ripeness; they also sell a variety of interesting herbs and vegetables not found in conventional supermarkets. One such item was the “micro-popcorn.” These tiny 1-inch sprouts look like shortened scallions with a yellow-green hue. But the interesting thing about them is their taste transformation. “Eat it from the leaf to the stem: It’ll start off tasting like lemon grass, and by the time you eat the stem, you’ll have the taste of kettle corn in your mouth,” said Scott Hurtwitz, one of the farmers at Silverbrook.

Cape Cod Fish Share

Operating under the same concept as community sustainable agriculture (CSA), Cape Cod Fish Share has a unique sustainable item to offer: seafood. Customers can sign up for one of four options that offer sustainably grown and locally sourced fish, scallops and lobsters. Orders can be picked up at the Brookline Winter Farmer’s Market and other markets around Massachusetts. They sell some of their catch on-site as well.

Stoneymeadow Farm

This small home-based company headed by Cate and Tom Murphy features handcrafted soaps, infused oils and homemade jams. All of their products are all-natural and made by the couple on their farm in Dracut, MA.

Clear Flour Bread

This pastry shop offers a variety of decadent pastries and organically made breads--many that are made fresh daily. Their main bakery is located at 178 Thorndike St. Brookline, MA.