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Becoming a Supermarket Master


Becoming a Supermarket Master

Amanda Barone

Words by Michaela Mazure, Photos by Fred Chang

Ah, the supermarket. Most people either love it or hate it. Whether you’re like me and try to find an excuse to go every day, or dread the moment when you have to fight the crowds to get your food for the week, trips to the store are inevitable for us all. Here are some tips to help make your trips quicker, healthier, and cheaper than ever before.

1. Make a list

Simple enough, right? If you go in knowing exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll save yourself time by not wandering around aimlessly trying to decide what to make for dinner. Also, a list limits those spur of the moment buys that will save you money, and calories!

2. Shop the Perimeter

Produce, meat, dairy- all the fresh ingredients are found on the outside walls of most grocery stores. If you stick to walking along the outer edges, you end up buying fresh ingredients and eating healthier by avoiding the processed foods. *Some healthy options like brown rice and other whole grains can be found in the center aisles, so don’t be afraid of those! Just try to avoid the other tempting center aisles with the chips and candy.*

3. Snack Before You Shop

If you’re hungry while you shop, you’ll likely end up buying more food, and it’s usually not the healthy stuff. Save your wallet and your diet by having a bite to eat before you go so you’re less tempted by everything the store has to offer.

4. Go Where You Know

Going to the same store every trip will help save you time because you’ll already know where the items you need are located and you won’t have to waste time searching for them.

5. Clip Coupons

Most grocery stores send out flyers with weekly sale items and free coupons, so take advantage of those discounts! One item may not seem like it will make a huge difference, but as you use more, those savings will add up and your wallet will thank you.

6. Shop in bulk

Bulk items are often cheaper than individual ones, so choosing them will save you dollar signs at the register. Also, if you stock up on one trip, it will extend the time before you need to make another trip back to the store.

7. appreciate the process

The supermarket offers so much more than food and drinks. It’s an opportunity to be creative in the kitchen, to try new recipes, and to experiment with food you’ve never even heard of. Don’t think of shopping as a chore, think of it as a chance to be a little healthier in the kitchen and a little savvier with your cash.