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Chloe Chow


A senior studying Public Relations in the School of Communications, Chloe’s entire college career has revolved around being outgoing and mastering the art of writing papers and essays. Having been a writer for TasteBUds for two years, her articles range from reviews to recipes, which she sprinkles with her humorous wit. Despite working in PR, Chloe likes to tell things as she sees them, and when it comes to representing herself, does not believe in filtering her own public image: the girl you see is the the girl you meet when it comes to her.

Being raised in a Chinese-American household in New Jersey, Chloe has a vast exposure to a variety of cuisines. One of her favorite restaurants in the world is Ootoya in New York. She loves the izakaya (Japanese gastropub) atmosphere, and how she can partake in eating and drinking, two of her favorite things to do. While Chloe lalso appreciates healthy eating (link to Michaela’s article here), and greatly appreciates whenever somebody can make a delicious yet vegetable-loaded dish.

No matter what it is she is eating, Chloe loves to eat garlic, something prominent in both the Asian and European dishes she enjoys eating. Through Boston University, Chloe was able to study abroad in London, and further her own cultural experiences and appreciation for the British: Chloe’s culinary inspiration is Gordon Ramsay, “because he's sassy and isn't afraid of breaking a few eggs to get things done. You won't find this dude crying over spilt milk; he'd probably just yell at it to get its shit together.”

When it comes to cooking, Chloe loves to prepare a variety of dishes. This includes her bacon and sriracha fried rice (link to recipe), as well as chicken soup: she believes that everyone can relate to a warm bowl of chicken soup, regardless of where you are from in the world. She believes that food and a good attitude is all you really need to bring people together. Chloe’s culinary dream is to “one day cook bombass food for my family. That's about it.”


Class Year: Senior

Major: Public Relations

Position in TasteBUds: Writer

Hometown: Short Hills, NJ