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Ally Bryant


What's your favorite part about being an editor for TasteBUds?  

I love everyone on the TasteBUds editing team and have a blast working with them.  I hope to pursue a career in editing and publishing, so any kind of editing I get to do, I love.

What's your favorite food?

I'm from Cape Cod, so I'm a big seafood fan.  I'll eat any kind of fish, but my favorite is probably swordfish!

What's your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is probably this little seafood shack in Pocasset called the Lobster Trap that I've been going to my whole life.  It used to be a local place, but it's grown more popular over the years become more up-scale.  I know it sounds snobby to want to keep it local, but what can I say - they have a wicked good lobster roll. 

What's your favorite TasteBUds article/video/photo gallery?

The recent article published about everyone's food experiences over the summer was a really cool read.  I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to food from other cultures, which is something I'm trying to change, so it was cool to read about food I've never tried!


Position: Content Editor

Major: Communications

Hometown: Sandwich, Massachusetts