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Adrienne Sheh


A talented photographer and skilled cook and baker, Adrienne loves to bring impeccable food to the table. Whether it be French classics like beef bourguignon or simple desserts like her signature blueberry-blackberry cheesecake, Adrienne knows not only how to make her food taste delicious, but how to present her dishes beautifully. As a cook, Adrienne knows the importance of seasoning your food; salt is an absolute must in her kitchen.

During a visit to her grandparents in Taiwan when she was younger, Adrienne went to a sushi restaurant and was served lobster sashimi. While the sashimi was opaque in color, the texture of the lobster meat was creamy and bursting with a luscious umami flavor. That was a pivotal moment for Adrienne as a diner and cook, as it opened her eyes to how vast an ingredient's potential can be. 

Due to a recent medical event, Adrienne has had to switch to a gluten and dairy-free diet. Despite this, she continues her pursuit for delicious, diet-friendly food. As a Southern California native, Adrienne loves fresh produce and frequents the iconic vegan restaurant, Urth Caffe, in Santa Monica. For culinary inspirations, Adrienne turns to fellow Californian, TasteBUds' editor in chief, Fred Chang; she loves the way he plates his food.

One day, Adrienne would love be able to order every item from a restaurant and enjoy all of the dishes the establishment would have to offer. Adrienne is currently a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Psychology with double minors in Speech Pathology and Sign Language. As a photo editor, she hopes to continue bringing quality photography to the TasteBUds community.


Position: Photo Editor

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Palos Verdes California

Favorite Article: Roxy's Grilled Cheese